Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thank Goodness for the little things!

Boy this has been a week, First our computer crashed and burned on Friday night so my wonderful DH says lets get a new one. Sure honey and what bank are you going to rob....needless to say I am typing this on our new computer. So I saved all that I could off of the other computer on flash drives before, just in case. Thank goodness. So here it is Thurs and I have spent since Monday trying to just back up and reload my IRW business stuff. Talk about a sick feeling in your gut. All my customer info, products, inventory, tax info, everything and I could not get the damn thing to open right. After 3 emails to the web master, 4 days of total aggravation, I think I did it.\Now I am afraid to close the program now that I have it all there.
So that is #1
#2 I woke up from a sound sleep on Monday at around 12 midnight with cramps, I thinking oh great, DH is going to just kill with food by making me fat, now he istrying to poison me. I put up with the pain, on my right side and right back for about an hr and then woke DH up, got to go the the hospital I cant take the pain.
After 1/2 hr to sign in,shaking in pain, bent over, breathing heavy and hard, moaning and groaning. take my vitals, with the wonderful nurse telling me to slow down my breathing and try not to move so they can get my blood pressure, yea lady whatever. B/P was 177/99, I wonder why.
Finally follow the lovey nurse to a room, they make me walk, no w/c or anything, bent over, moaning and groaning, and her using barely enough energy to put foot in front of the other. Another nurse comes in and says,"before I ask any ?'s I am getting the DR in here to get the ok to give you something for the pain" I told her "I love you"
Turns out it was a kidney stone, and the ultra sound showed another spot possibly a cyst by my liver. Didnt get home until after 3:30 am.OH JOY!
#3 DH decides that since he wants a day or two off himself, that I shouldnt work for a couple of days, I was too tired and still doped up from the wonderful cocktail they gave me at the hospital. I didnt come down from that hight until 4pm the next day, bet that will be an expensive 12 hr high. So I did stay home on Tuesday. Wednesday I need to go to work, so guess what, DH decides he should drive me, didnt want me to have any problems or pain and be by myself. Yea whatever. So I have 1 home health patient to see at 12pm. Since we are in the area I need to get the van looked at, spent 2 1/2 hrs at the car dealers, listening to a lovely elderly bitch about her relatives, Notice I said listen, I did get to speak much, I had a book with me to read and I even put the TV on for her to watch her program and she still didnt shut up. So where is DH all this time, who the hell knows, he can only sit and listen to her for a few minutes and gets up for a walk. Lucky me! Oh and had to stop and rob another bank for that bill, cause while we were there the van needs......
#4 Oh I also have a new video camera, dont ask.....I will be on the news soon for murder though.
#5 today, Thursday, Well today was a fun day, not!!! Had a lovely abdominal/side ultrasound, by a very crabby, skinny, pregnant gal, at 9am. Then I was given 2 bottle of berry flavored barrium to drink, 1 at 10 and 1 at 11 and then go back for my CT scan at 12. DH still feels the need to drive me around, how do I get so lucky???? I have 2 home health patients I go to see before noon. At 12pm given a wonderful glass of yellow crap to drink, IV with radioactive crap. Felt like I was going to throwup and wet myself all at the same time. So I havent had anything to eat or drink since 8pm the night before, I have a raging headache, my husband is being a pain in the ass, in oh so many ways. And I have been on the toilet so many times today I lost count. I cant wait to get out of the house, w/o a driver and work a full day tomorrow.
And it is only Thursday, cant wait to see what the rest of the week has to bring.

Friday, July 25, 2008

First day of the rest of my life......

Yea, whatever. So I went to the Drs today, because he has a weight loss program he offers. I am finally tired of being fat, having a big belly, not having clothes that fit, having to buy a bigger size pants, looking and feeling like crap.
The nurse calls my name, says Hi, and I am sorry but I have to weight you first. Trust me I told her, not as sorry as I am. And god love her she started that sliding scale on 100 lbs, isnt she sweet! I let her know right off, no honey go on up to that 150 mark and work up from lets just say I am more than 150, but less than 180. They also have to know how tall I am, now I have always wanted to be 5'5", I always felt 5'5" tall, but no I never made it past 5'2". She asks me if I am sure I am 5'2", well I am pretty sure, but lets check....Oh I am 5'1 1/4" tall. I have already lost 3/4" in height. How the hell did that happen. Now I am really depressed, I short and fat. Great, happy Friday.
They do some blood work, I talk to the Dr. my cholesterol is high, my BMI is high and if 2 other tests come back high I qualify for the program. He is all excited, lucky me.
So I have my diet plan in hand, have to start a food journal (oh joy)get a pedometer and do 2500 steps per day, (happy,happy, joy, joy) and see him again in 2 weeks.
Now I have to go get up off my fat, lazy ass and exercise and find something I can actually eat.
Wish me luck, I am going to need it.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sensory overload

I got back home Friday evening and talk about overwhelming. I should be used it though, it's just like any other day...I walk through the door, purse on one arm and work bag on the other and someone is asking me something, where is something, look at something...after a 2 hr drive all I want to do is put my stuff down and go the bathroom. It was as if I never left. The house wasn't a total disaster, not the best, but it has been worse. Oh I do have a new stove now, why, the old one wasnt broken or anything, but DH found a great deal on a brand new stove/convection oven, just couldnt pass it up....whatever.
The boys only had one bad fight, not terrible for being gone for 5 1/2 days and only 1 pair of glasses got broken.
Just another day in paradise.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My lucky day, not

Okay, so here is the deal. I am working in Fulton Missouri this week. Fulton is about 2 hrs away from my home. about 30 mins from Columbia( which I will bring up later).. so why am I in Fulton...good question, because my boss happened to mention she needed someone to cover Fulton for a week, hint, hint. so I figure if I do this, I will just stay for the week. Get a room, bring my scrapbook stuff, my laptop, no kids, no husband peace and quiet and I can control the remote. Not too bad so far. So I drove out here on Sunday before dark, got a decent room at the Holiday Inn in Fulton.They let me have the room until Wednesday and then I have to check with them, because they are booked after that...booked, the whole damned place booked, in the middle of nowhere, during the week. so today in the morning I check at the desk, any cancellations, can I keep my little room, 105, nope they are booked, but check back before check out at noon, we get cancellations all the time...well not today. So here I am taking my lunch break at 11:30, checking to see if I can stay, hell no. So I have to hurry to pack everything up before noon, so I dont get charged a late check out and go look for another place to stay. No room at the Inn.
Only me, can this happen to, I tell you what. There is nothing here in this town to speak of, small town America, nice little place, very nice people, but what the hell could be going on betw wed and friday that I couldnt stay in a 1 bed, single room at a little hotel.
So I need a little therapy, retail therapy...after work I hit the road, drove 30 mins to Columbia, now that is where civilization is. and they have a mall, lucky me and Dillards is having a sale, lucky, lucky, got everything at 50-75% off, I feel better already, until the Dillards bill comes...oh well it could always be worse.
Two more days here in downtown Fulton, now at the Country Hearth Inn & suites, not as nice as the Holiday Inn, but it is home away from home for now. I will enjoy the remote, peace and quiet as long as it lasts, cause once I walk back in the door at home it will all change.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

And the winner is .....

Anita Broeker for being one of my IRW customers and posting here on my blog. She has won a fabulous Fiskars project tote.

Thank you Anita for participating in my contest to post here on my blog and I hope you enjoy the tote.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Acrylic Album

This is an acrylic album I made while at my IRW retreat in Wisconsin. This is my family on vacation para sailing for the first time, scary, but wonderful. It is still a work in progress and needs some more journaling and such. I used the cuttlebug on the borders, kind of looks like waves. I really enjoy working with the acrylic sheets.
Oh the last slide is of Bud, hanging upside, crazy kid!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Cuttlebug, love it!

Here are some cards I made using my Cuttlebug, which I love! The textured cardstock is so cool. I am still practicing using the Nestablities with the Cuttlebug, haven't got it down pat yet, so I will ask my friend Roxie to help me, so is so smart when it comes to stuff like that! Yes I am sucking up.
The cards arent anything to brag about, still getting a feel for using the Cuttlebug, but it is so much fun.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Here comes the Sun????


What is up with this weather, here it is July and it is cloudy, raining and blah! I want me some sunshine!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July





Well the boys had a great time setting off fireworks. It took over 2 hrs to get them to finish, as they savored each one. It wouldnt had been so bad if it hadnt been so cold. We had a litte fire going to keep warm, but for July 4th, it just didnt seem right.
It was fun to watch the boys light each one and know which ones were going to be BIG. Austin would turn around and yell "run, run, run" as he would "run" back towards us to safety.
Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July as well

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