Friday, May 29, 2009

Mother's Day Card


This is the Mother's Day card I made. One of the very few cards I have had time to make recently.
I used a brown Bazzill base and pink Bazzill Bling. Then I used the Cuttlebug for Lable One Nestabilities, with the same brown Bazzill. I used Lable One again on white cardstock. I stamped the branch in brown and the flowers in 2 shades of pink and embellished with little pearls. Placed sheer pink ribbon all the way across the center.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Who can you trust anymore????

The boys are always asking if they can go spend some time with Tonya and Albert. I thought is was because they enjoy their company, cause they are just big kids themselves and like playing video games. Or because they LOVE their dog Buddy, he is just a big lap dog.....but no, it is none of those things....Tonya and Albert, the sweet young couple from West Virgina,that we met through church, that we have welcomed as our own family....let our boys DRINK!!!! And this is a picture of the results!!!!!!!!!!

I got a call from Brendan the other night, he and Austin were spending the night at Tonya and Albert's home. Brendan calls and says "mom check your email, we sent you a picture" I am thinking oh how cute, a picture of the boys with Buddy maybe. I open it up and this is what I see. What the-----!!!!
I laughed so the belly Albert! The bottles are actually grape soda.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The "men" go hunting

The guys went turkey hunting the other day. Austin needed some camo clothes to go, so I checked down in Bud's room and he had a camo pair of overalls, figured Austin could try them and just not button up the sides, since Bud is so tall and skinny and we were so surprised that they fit him just fine. Really proud of how well he has done with his wt loss!

Unfortunately for them all the came back with was the turkey decoy. I wonder why???? It looks SO real!! If I was a turkey I am sure I would be fooled!!! NOT!
Anyway at least they had a good time together.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our other little girl

This is Sophie on the same day at Albert and Tonya's, playing on the trampoline. We just love these girls and Tim loves to spoil them like they were his own. It's a good thing we didnt have girls of our own, we would be totally broke.
I get to be in the church nursery once a month and I always bring a movie to watch and sometimes a craft to make, last month we decorated boxes with foam stickers. And I bring a snack, yea sorry Megan I know I spoil their appetites for lunch, but it is only once a month....seriously though it wont hurt my feelings at all if you ask me to stop. Regardless I do enjoy spending time with "our girls"

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Surprised myself

Is this an awesome picture or what? Or is it just me that thinks it is amazing? I even surprised myself at how great this turned out. Just pure dumb ( and I mean dumb) luck that I caught this shot. We were at Tonya and Albert's home for a fun day of playing and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows and I was taking pictures of everyone and happened to see Anna in the field. I just love this picture. I told Anna's mom, Megan, I have just as many pictures of her girls as I do my own kids.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

And he sleeps

DH and I were out Friday night until around 10:30 pm to set up for our fundraiser crop. When we got home I noticed, from his bedroom door, that Austin's TV was on and he was lying on his belly. " Are you still up? you need to get some sleep" no answer, so when I stepped into his room this is how I found him.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

More Quilt class photos


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Betty teaches Megan what to do next
Joanie looks far too serious
Clara's husband Bill helped her pick out her fabric and we all loved it.

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Learned to sew/quilt

We had a sewing class at church to learn how to make this pillow/quilt. When it is folded up it makes a pillow, unfolded it is a blanket. Betty was a great teacher, very patient! And she needed to be as we are not the best seamstress around. I used flannel on one side, so it would be warm and comfy. Naturally as soon as I brought it home Austin wanted to know if he could use it, needless to say on a good day he does share with me.

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