Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Austin's birthday

Today Austin turned 12 years old. Cant believe my youngest, my baby is growing up so fast.
He got a computer game he wanted and a punching bag. He really wants a six pack...six pack abs that is


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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Yea, Brendan is the "man" in his uniform isnt he?
Brendan was also the kicker for the team, he really did a good job at the opening kicks for the games.
And he always liked being able to hit someone, thought that was fun

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Life is all about priorities, but sometimes life gets in the way. I cant believe I only had one post in October, and none in November. So today is December 1st and here is hoping to a better track record for this month.
So what has happened in the past two months.....I hired someone to help me again, so I wouldnt have to keep working late....yea the best laid plans shot to shit. Still working until 6:30 pm most days. Way too many days spent sick in Oct, the boys have already missed over 5 days of school this year. Had another weekend crop with my girl Erin, had lots of fun and got a ton done. We went to a nice football banquet at the end of football season and an awards ceremony, since Brendan was a ball boy for the high school football team also. I took a week off from work in November by myself. No kids and no DH, spent the week at home getting stuff done and enjoying the peace and quiet. It was the best....I didnt even tell the family I was off...and no one figured it out, it was great!
Spent Thanksgiving with so dear friends and adopted family Tonya and Albert. They are from West Virgina, but they belong to us now. Tracy ( her sister) and Andy and their 2 kids, Anna and Joey joins us. Started off with death and mayhem with
the "kids" playing X-box. They beat me in Uno and we all ate way too much.
Lots of choir practices, cause I really need it to get ready for the Christmas Cantata. And this past weekend saw a fantastic movie " The Blindside". If you havent seen it, you should. Its touching, sweet and funny.
While that gets me caught up to the present. Here is hoping to posting more often.
Still have lots of pictures to load.