Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The good, the bad and the ugly

What to start with first....the good, lost another 2.4 lbs, making it a total of 20.6 lbs, feels really good! Eating all the junk from christmas has really made me feel like shit. Too much chocolate, hard to believe that is even possible, candy and cookies. Eating healthy really makes me feel better.
Next... could be bad or ugly depends on how you look at it. I had to call my boss today and tell her I lost us $24,000.00 in charges. Yea that's a hell of alot of money. How you might ask, well we do outpatient therapy in St. Clair. I havent been there much, so I havent kept up on things the way I should. We have a patient that is Medicaid only, young stoke pt. Well that pt has been on for a very long time, being seen by Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy. Over the course of her treatments the bill totals $24,000.00 and Medicaid doesnt pay squat. So I let her hear it from me directly instead of form someone else and if I have to turn in my resignation I will. So I may be looking for a job soon.
Next...My wonderful son, started at ECC this year through the A + program, which is a program that the state pays for your education and you end up with an Associates Degree. Who can turn down a free education...well apparently he can. He was too busy spending all of his free time doing lord knows what. And didnt do his homework until 11 at night or later, ended up with a GPA of 2.3. Which is .2 too low. All he had to do was maintain a C or better, but no he didnt like school and was more interested in other things. So this coming semester he has to pay for it himself, cause dear old mom doesnt have the $. If he can get a student loan and get his GPA back up to 2.5 then he can qualify for A+ again. He and I are going to be having a come to Jesus talk before school starts again.
Next...We have a crazy neighbor that is becoming a pain in the ass, and I do mean crazy...this is a story all on it's own and will save for another time.
Next..I came home in a pissy mood; work, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Was a bit of a bitch, that was approx 5 hrs ago. This caused DH to go off the deep end, all because I had a hair up my butt. I have since apologized for over reacting, small lie to keep the peace. Well not good enough I guess, cause he still isnt speaking to me...not sure that, that is a bad thing necessarily.
But hey, I still lost wt during the holidays, and next weekend my girl (Erin) and I are going to a weekend crop, from Fri at 9am thru Sun at 4pm. No kids, no husbands, free happy hour, scrapbooking, Archivers across the street and the cheesecake factory next door. I think I will make it through the rough stuff for all of that.
Have a Happy New Year

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Update on the Rabbit

Found out that Henry is a Henrietta. And now Austin thinks he should have another rabbit a boy so they can make baby rabbits, thanks to Grandpa Hays. Yea over my dead body. The one is bad enough, a stinky, smelly rabbit lately, I'll be damned if I am going to have a happy little family of rabbits around here to take care of.
Austin claims he will take care of them, yea right, like he takes care of the one he has now? So he does feed it and give it fresh water, but who gets the dirty smelly job of cleaning its cage. Oh yea, lucky me.
Any one out there looking for a cute little rabbit???? It needs a new home.

December so sucks

Between rushing around to get everything ready for Christmas, buying presents, sending cards, wrapping presents, making cookies....whatever other crap I have to do and just cant think of at this moment. Then you have to have all the junk sitting around, cookies, candy, popcorn...I can not wait for it to be over and all gone. Whatever is left in this house come the weekend is going into the trash!!!!
I have eaten too much junk lately and not been motivated to work out. I havent even had the guts to weigh myself this past week. Scared to see what # comes up.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A very Merry

Wow it's been awhile since I have left a post, so much too do and so little time.
Well Christmas is here, much too quickly for me, but it was a great day. The boys all got what they wanted and it was their first Christmas to buy our family gifts with their own money. They were really proud of themselves, though they spent way too much money.
I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and will have a happy and healthy New Year

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yea it's a rabbit


Earlier this year, in Sept was Bud's,19th birthday. His girlfriend gave him this rabbit as a gift, Why, I guess cause it was cute. Anyway said son is hardly ever home, so who got the rabbit, Austin, why, right cause it was so cute. But guess who cleans up after the rabbit, right again, me. Yea it's cute, he calls him Henry, why, that is a good question and havent figured that one out yet. We used to call him Fugi, cause he likes Fugi apples. But now his name is Henry and Henry is a messy, smelly rabbit and boy can he poop! Lucky, Lucky me!!!!
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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bad Blogger

Funny how life just gets in the way sometimes. And time flies when you are having fun. The past couple of weeks have been crazy! Betw work, home and getting ready for our Christmas Cantata at church, doesnt leave much free time.
Here are a few pictures from a cantata practice, yea I am not in the pictures, cause I always take the pictures.
Dress Rehearsal is tonight, so I will post some more pictures later

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Advent Calendar

this was a great way for me to use up my scraps and little odds and ends. I made this Advent Calendar using a mini muffin tin pan, spray painted it white and used a circle punch for each spot inside. A square punch to cover up each spot and backed it with magnetic tape and just had fun and decorated each square.
I used to buy a new calendar every year for the boys, this was a great way to have the calendar to reuse year after year. Just fill each spot with a piece of candy or a coin.

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