Wednesday, August 11, 2010




Brendan is a Freshman this year and playing football for Union. There was a football camp in Webster Groves for a few days. Hot as hell, but he had a good time "hitting" someone.

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It's a shed




The guys from church came over on Saturday June 5th and helped put out the shed. It brought tears to my eyes.
Today is Aug 11 and nothing else has been done with it, which also brings tears to my eyes.

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sorry forgot the picture of Molly on that last post
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Fun in the sun





We went to Robbie and Kevin's home to do some fishing. They also have "real" dogs, so Austin played with them most of the time. Molly will let you throw the ball and fetch all day long. The boys took turns throwing it in the pond and she had a "ball"

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Murals for school



Brendan my talented artist was asked to do some murals at school by his teachers. He does such great work and really enjoys it. Currently he has started doing logos for people. He did one for Brian Nieves radio show "The Patriot Enclave" and one for our Church, Leslie Baptist Church. One for the "Kupkake Kafe" ( a business DH wants to start, yea when pigs fly!) And he is doing one for Galati International. So if anyone out there needs a logo, he is the guy to call.

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Weekend Crop




We had another GREAT weekend crop at the Hilton in Chesterfield, in April. I love getting away for the weekend with the girls and catching up on my scrapbooking. I havent done much since that and that sucks.
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Bike riding in Washington





We went bike riding with some friends(Tonya, Albert,their dog Buddy, Andy,Tracy & kids(Anna and Joey). Our boys just love their dog Buddy, they say he is a real dog. After we went bike riding we stopped at Sonic to get some icecream. Buddy loves icecream

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My silly boy


Austin won this ballon hat at school for having the best attitude. He is such a great kid.

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Catching up with some pictures


March 17th Brendan, 14yrs old getting his tonsils taken out.

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Another wonderful day............not

Actually the title should probably just state "MEN" and that would say it all!!!!
What pains in the ass they can be!!!!!
So my wonderful husband, as a reminder I call him DH, has been working on Brian Nieves campaign day and night for about 6 months. No complaints about that part, cause it kept him out of the house and things were nice and peaceful for awhile.
Campaign over on Aug 3rd and Brian won the primary, yea Brian. So I am bumming alittle cause now what, he is going to be home all the time. Well that's ok, now he can get caught up on all the stuff he hasnt done around here, very LONG list by the way.
In the mean time the transmission goes out in the van he drives. We still have the little blue car sitting in the yard that hasnt run for a year. So he wants to get that running, to drive while waiting for the transmission. Well buddy that takes extra money we dont have right now. So the blue car sits. ( Some stranger stopped by the house about a month ago to offer to buy it....but NO cant sell it, going to get it running again....whatever) We decided even though we just paid off our credit cards we will use a card to pay for the transmission......come to find out, AFTER we drop it off, DH tells me they dont take CCs....GREAT news. Better go buy a lottery ticket buddy and HOPE you win!!!!!
So the election for Brian is over Aug 3rd, DH has worked his ASS off for his campaign. On August 6th DH starts feeling bad, really tired, everything is catching up with him.....Doesnt get started on that list yet. Monday still sick, stays home from work,GREAT. Tuesday stays home from work and I have to take to the DR, cause we only have 1 car. He gets a shot and some medicine for a Migraine. He is starting to feel better Tuesday night, thank you Jesus, now get your ass up and do something!
NOT!!!! Wednesday still staying home from work.........Ok used up all your days off earlier this year, so your not getting paid for these day, that's just great. And how we paying for this transmission, with your good looks, seriously doubt it.
If I have to look at him sitting in his recliner snoring one more time, I am going to jail for murder!!!!
Pray for me