Sunday, September 13, 2009

Boy how time flies

So my 1st born turned 20 this month, yea so how the hell did that happen and where has the time gone. Hard to believe it has been 20 yrs already. Anyway the little shit went got a motorcycle.
He knew I didnt like them, he knew his dad didnt like them. He knew we didnt want him to get one, but he got one anyway.
He looks soooo cool, doesnt he????
Yea, whatever. I am still not happy about it, but being the scrapbooker that I am I had to take his picture with the damn bike.
Wish us both lots of luck, definitely me for sure, I am going to need it!


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Monday, September 7, 2009

It's Football Season

Brendan decieded he wanted to play football this season. They have a new coach, he is actually one of the local policemen and has a totally different attitude than the previous coachs.

Brendan is a middle line backer, the one in red, with the red stripe down his helmet.
He seems to really like getting to tackle the other players.
It should be an interesting season

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Katy Trail

Ok, so the boys and I had a great time on the trail in Washington, so my DH has the great idea that we should do the Katy trail. Now dont get me wrong I wanted to do the Katy trail as well, but.....he wants to go from Dutzow to Augusta, 7.5 miles one way. Doesnt sound too bad right....well first it was pretty, that was a plus. But my bike seat is too small for my big ass, so I spent part of the trail trying to ride standing up, not to comfortable. Poor Austin again has one speed, he just has to go at his own pace. Well my DH would call out his name and Austin would get alittle shaky and over correct and hit the dirt. The first time is was his right knee and elbow, scraped up and bloody" I am perfectly OK mom" was all he would say and he got back up and rode off again. 7.5 miles doesnt seem like much until you do it, took forever! But I was bound and determined to make it, sore ass and all.
Finally arrived and stopped to go to the get some more water and hit the bathroom. Nice place here in Augusta with a little restaurant overlooking the trail and the valley, with a nice band playing that day. Would have liked a glass of wine, but knew I would never make it back to the car.
On the way back, I kind of hoped it would be like any other trip back, always shorter and quick then the trip there....not so much....sore ass, turned into sore shoulders also. Funny my legs were fine, just the other parts not so good. I finally had to get off that damn bike and walk just to give the other parts a break. Poor Austin was trying to ride slower, so as to not leave me too far behind, and he crashed and burned again, this time the left knee and elbow...." I am perfectly ok mom" What a tough kid! The last mile or so Austin would ask me " Mom are you ok" and my reply would be..." Austin, I am perfectly OK"
Never so glad to have a family fun filled day be over in my life!!!!

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This is what it is all about

A little back story here.....Austin is 11 yrs old. We live in a rural area, so he has had a hard time learning how to ride a bike. I have been teaching him in our yard, this way if he fell it wouldnt hurt too bad right? So after many days in the yard, I convinced him it was time to try a better surface. So when Brendan had football practice, I took Austin to the parking lot and let him try. He was scared at first, but after a few times, he loved it and went faster and faster and then he didnt want to stop.
So next it was to the trail in Washington by the river. Austin was so excited to go riding on the trail there.
And he was off, unfortunately he only has 1 speed, so I didnt see him again until we got to the end of the trail. It was 2.5 miles one way. He was happily waiting for Brendan and I at the end.
Yea Brendan wanted. his picture taken with the johnny on the spot in the background, he said it would be so Hoosier and cool,what a freak.
Austin was so happy and proud of himself, he made it the whole way and back w/o falling off or hurting himself. At the end he was waiting in the parking lot for us, "what took you guys so long????"

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