Monday, August 25, 2008

Wow, glad that is over

It was a great, crazy, hard,exhausting, weekend. We made it through with only a few minor snags, one being the AC was overworked on Saturday and it got alittle toasty in the crop room, but we survived!
It was exciting to have 2 newbies there, they had never scrapbooked before and they each completed several pages( way to go Charli and Terry) It is so cool to share this great hobby with new people and see them enjoy themselves and realize it isnt as hard as they thought it would be.
Thanks go out to all the guys from Leslie Baptist Church for helping with setting up and breaking down and helping in the kitchen. Yes the guys did all the cooking and cleaning, got to love that! Even my two boys; Brendan and Austin pitched in.
Thanks to Angie and Tyanna for being there and bring their moral support and hugs.
Thanks to the ladies from Church for the snacks and helping as much as they did(Joanie and Betty)Thanks to my Dear, Wonderful Husband for all his hard working cooking all our meals, it was fantastic! And thanks to my girls(Roxie and Erin) for all their helping and keeping me sane, couldnt have done it without you, your the best! I believe everyone had a good time and got lots done. I will post some pictures soon.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Getting ready for the scrapbook retreat

Here are some pictures of my messy scrapbook room, it is trashed. Also a basket full of goodie bags.
Boy it has been a busy couple of weeks and they have flown by too. Been getting everything ready for the retreat this coming weekend. Tim is working on the menu and the grocery list now. I have the goodie bags ready and my scrapbook room is a disaster.
I am excited though it should be alot of fun. And hopefully with a whole weekend I might get some scrapbooking done myself.
I will post pictures soon

Monday, August 11, 2008

Six Flags

First they rode Evil Kneivel

Then it was the Batman, Austin didnt ride on this one, he doesnt like to go upside down.

What a group! Back row:Tim, Scooby,Megan,Tonya, Shaggy, Brendan,Albert & Don. Front row: me & Austin

It was a fun filled weekend. First we went to Six Flags after work on Friday. A friend told us they have gone 15 times all summer and Friday nights arent crowded.
Well this Friday night they were, cars all the way to the back parking lot.
We had fun though. It wasnt too hot, and lots of people for people watching, because I really dont ride the rides. I take the pictures, guard the drinks and people watch and six flags is the place to be for that.
Everyone had fun, no major catastrophes, except for that short period of time that DH lost Austin( our youngest, he is 10) As we were getting ready to leave the park, I stop to go the bathroom, when I came back we are getting ready to head to the parking lot and I asked DH "where is Austin?" and everyone starts looking around, great! leave them alone for 3 minutes and DH loses 1 kid. Well Austin didnt realize we stopped and he kept walking out to the parking lot, once he realized we were not right there with him, he went up to a police officer, Good, smart boy! Dumb, stupid police officer let Austin leave to go to the parking lot to where we were parked to find us, because he said he knew where our car was parked. Fortunately I happened to see Austin walk by right outside of the park,at the entrance of the parking lot.
He was upset and scared, but was smart too. The officer not so much. Needless to say that DH was grounded all weekend, no sports on tv, no computer and he had to tell everyone that he lost Austin.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another day in paradise

Well from the ones I have heard from, I am glad I could give you a good laugh. They say laughter is good for the soul. My soul must be in great shape then, cause it is either laugh or cry and I look even uglier when I cry.
So today is Wednesday and so far so good and the rest of the week is downhill from here.
The Scrapbook Retreat is fast approaching and I have lots to do to prepare for that.
I have spent little to no time in my room, so needless to say I have been alittle crabby lately.
I am hoping to lock myself in there soon and post some new projects
Have a great week