Saturday, July 24, 2010


Life can throw you some curves when you are not looking. I have not posted to this blog since the beginning of the year. Which totally sucks. I used to love this blog and the whole process of using it to share pictures and events going on in my life.
One of my regular viewers of this blog was my mom. I lost her suddenly in March. It's been hard dealing with that. I feel badly I didnt talk to her more often. Didnt share more on here to keep her updated on what was going on with our life and day to day activities. Even though she moved over 8 hrs away over 8 years ago. I still miss her everyday and it's hard to think that she is really gone.
Also this year the scrapbook company I was a vendor for closed it's "doors" . As much work as being a vendor was; packing products up, setting up, coming up with ideas for make n takes....I miss going to the events and the interaction with all the great ladies I met at the scrapbook crops. Needless to say getting away from the business end of it, has also taken me away from spending time scrapbooking and I REALLY miss that. I miss spending time with "my girls" Erin and Roxie and all my scrapbooking friends. Erin and I have done a couple of scrapbook retreats, which have been GREAT!!! A whole weekend away, in a nice hotel, with 55 hrs of scrapbooking. But it has only been a couple times a year and it's just not enough to bring me scrapping, crafting pleasure. I have a WHOLE beautiful room in my basement and havent spent anytime to speak of down there.
I have gotten away from my dieting and gain back all the weight I lost, so I am SO not happy with myself about that right now. I have become a FLUFFY girl...hate it!
Life in general has totally gotten off track somehow, some way and I am feeling totally out of sync.
So my hope is, my plan is to get back to life as I knew it.....get back to scrapbooking, crafting, card making, eating better, getting up off my lazy ass and exercising (wish me luck on that one).
Here's to getting on to living life as I would like to