Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Busy couple of weeks here lately. Tim has gone back to work, thank god. He went back last Monday and is doing ok. The Dr never found anything, which is good news. The diagnosis is hypertension. So I told him he is going to have to take up yoga and meditation. We shall see.
Erin and I had our scrapbook retreat this past weekend. It went fairly well, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and got alot done. We are looking for a different hotel to have it at in October though. Somewhere with a bigger room to crop in.
Unfortunately I missed seeing Bud & Melissa this past weekend because of the retreat and he had taken her to her prom. The pictures are ones his dad took and emailed to me. He looks so handsome in the black tux and grown up. Melissa looks just beautiful. Wished I could have seen them in person, but the pictures came out great.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fun weekend with friends

Be sure to click on "fun weekend with friends" title & Scroll past the scary people in the pink bunny ears to the video that Tonya made. She and her wonderful husband Albert invited us to their home for fun and games. Then we sat around the camp fire and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and made some mores(sp). The kids had a great time ( the big and little ones) and I got some great pictures.
Tonya is too darn talented and Megan and I are going to have to hold her hostage to show us how she makes these great videos.
Also Tim had a follow up with the Dr on Monday and he adjusted his medicine and so far he should return to work this coming Monday. Thank goodness.
Winter has come back with a vengeance, cold and windy, even snow flurries yesterday.
I havent made it to WW in 3 weeks, so I HAVE to go tonight....wish me luck!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

And so it goes

Been slacking on the blogging lately, but hey life gets in the way sometimes. So let's see, Tim had his test done at the new St. Clare hosp in Fenton, very nice place and good people. Fortunately the test came back clean. That man for all his crappy eating, and unhealthy life style has great, unblocked, arteries. So I told him, lets keep it that way. His resting B/P is still too high. So the Dr is adjusting his meds. I told him he needs to take up meditation and yoga and learn how to relax. He has got the relaxing his body down just fine. It's that not letting things bother him that is the issue. And now that I know he isnt going to have a heart attack if I stress him out, he and I are going to have a come to Jesus talk.
Wish me luck on that one people.
The day at the hosp was an experience though. Not only was our good friend Pastor Chuck there, so were my lovely in laws. It was a nice surprise to see Chuck, since had told us he wouldnt be able to come by there, but there he was before we got there all smiles and support. But boy he is a chatty guy...never shut up the whole time...kidding he was nice to have a friendly face there...which brings me to the in laws, not so friendly. Didnt say hello, walked right back to the rooms behind closed doors to where they were prepping Tim, but were told to wait a few minutes. Since the prep room was too small for all of us, left Tim and went to the waiting room so they could go back to see him. I said Hello and the room is the first...." oh I know where it is" said his dad and walked on with his lovely mother, so warm and fuzzy. Chuck said, " well that wasnt necessary" yea welcome to my world.
So the surgery takes about an hour and the nurse comes out and called my name, "Karen Hays, for Tim Hays", right behind me walks up his parents,the nurse looks at me and says, you can go back now (who by the way sat across the room from me, behind a short wall...such family closeness.)and his dad says, " oh no we will go back there first" and off they went...well I am sure you can see the smoke coming out of my ears now. I thinking ok, who am I, just his wife no big deal. Pastor Chuck didnt look so Pastorly at that moment let me tell you, and he looks at me and says now that isnt right, you go back there. I decided I better go get some fresh air first before I put one of them in the hospital. When they did come back out not a word was said, but if looks could kill they both would have died right there on that waiting room floor, I was none too happy. Chuck says see you later as they were leaving and Tim's mom, with her back turned says " oh much later" warm and fuzzy again.
Anyway that is enough drama for one week.
Maybe I should take up meditation and Yoga myself.